Properly winterize your exterior plumbing

December 28th, 2012 egreenfield

Is everyone safe out there?  Winter Storm Euclid has laid havoc to a lot of the country.  It seems they name winter storms now!  Nevertheless, it was certainly an intense first blast of winter.  It chilled me all the way to the bone as I went to check the mail.  At least, some of us were able to have a White Christmas.


However, I hope that your pipes didn’t have a White Christmas.  You need to protect them from that.  With that said, have you properly winterized your exterior plumbing?  Every few years, we have a real cold winter or a sudden cold spell and exterior pipes start to burst.  This is a giant headache and can flood homes and businesses, costing thousands of dollars.


Sometimes the damage is immediate and other times it lingers into the spring.  The cold damages the pipes, but they don’t rupture until a few months pass.  Suddenly in April, as you turn the faucet on and off a few times, the pipe springs a leak.  It’s not a good way to welcome in the spring.



properly winterize your exterior plumbing

This occurred as a result of a new homeowner leaving the water turned on, but not turning on the heat after they purchased a new rental property.


properly winterize your exterior plumbing

This customer didn’t properly winterize their exterior plumbing.

properly winterize your exterior plumbing

I had a client who’s handyman wasn’t so handy.  He forgot to winterize the Pool House. When the water was turned on, all the pipes leading everywhere (kitchen, bathroom, bar, changing rooms, showers) had leaks.


So make sure you properly winterize your exterior plumbing and don’t forget the vacant and unheated sections of your home.  There’s really no reason not to properly winterize.  It’ll save you money in the end and prevent future migraines.


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