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June 25th, 2013 egreenfield

Summer cleaning tipsIt is a hot sunny day in July. You want to relax, because it’s summertime, but as you look around the living room, you notice dust on the bookshelf and windowsill. You know dust is everywhere, but most of the time, you can’t see it, so it’s easy to ignore. But on this hot sunny day, as the sunlight pierces through the windows, you can see dust particles floating through the air. You begrudgingly get off the couch. Well, it’s time to clean. Although we enjoy the summer shine, the shine exposes the grime.


Although summer may be the perfect time of the year to relax, go on vacation and enjoy the great outdoors, it is also an ideal time to clean your house. Because of the extra free time most people have in the summer, it is always a good idea to spend some of that cleaning. If you have kids who are home from school, you can enlist their help as well to make things go faster. In the summertime, you can easily put together a cleaning army!


Kids and cleaning


Keep the tasks simple, especially if you’re utilizing your children. There are a few things you can do to make your summer cleaning experience as quick and smooth as possible. First, take care of the most important jobs first. If you have massive amounts of clutter on your floors or dirty sinks, toilets or showers, you will want to take care of those things first. Focus on the areas that are highly noticeable, including rooms like your bathroom that should be as clean as possible for health reasons.


Once you have thoroughly cleaned your property, take extra steps to ensure it stays clean throughout the summer and beyond. Make sure that people wipe their feet and take off their shoes before entering, avoid leaving dirty clothes and other objects on the floor, and clean up crumbs and drink spills immediately after they happen. The most important part of cleaning is prevention.


summer cleaning tips


If you need some help keeping your place clean, the team at My Carpet Cleaning Service is always available to get the job done!




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