Making cash with your winter/spring cleaning

January 30th, 2013 egreenfield

MCC Services - turn your cleanliness into cashThe economy is uncertain.  Is it anything but?  Everyone would like more money in their pockets.  Cleaning your house has more benefits than just a better atmosphere and mental health.  You may also be able to make some money out of it.


In a recent article, courtesy of U.S. News Report LP, Wise Bread offers up some tips on how you can turn a spring cleaning into a nice little paycheck.  Here are some of them:


Firstly, you can sell items on eBay.  This is common, as you can sell just about anything on eBay.  It is easy to do.  If you do not have an account, you should sign up for one, even if you do not plan to use it.  You never know when you might need to.


Secondly, you can do a yard sale.  This, of course, is dependent on where you live.  In some regions, snow is still going strong well into spring.  Prepare to haggle.  Due to the success of History Channel’s American Pickers, many American are now self-proclaimed pickers and are always looking for that “steal”.


Thirdly, you can take your items to secondhand stores.  Many cities have higher end thrift stores.  These stores are like thrift stores except that they will pay you for designer clothes and other items.


Fourthly, you can take them to an auction.  You cannot take just any item to an auction house.  It has to be either an antique or collectible.  However, keep in mind that this may not result in immediate money.  Auctions can take a bit of a time.  The auction house will also take a cut.


Fifthly, you can go to a video game store and trade in your video games.  While not everyone owns a video game system, there are those who do and some of the games can fetch a pretty penny.  I would suggest this option to younger people.  Many have video games stored away in closets or stacked near television sets.  People can be quite attached to their video games, but if you are not going to play them again, you might as well trade them in.  If not, they will add to the clutter and collect dust.


There are other options as well.  Similar to the success of American Pickers, Pawn Stars has reenergized the pawning industry and many shops across the country are reaping the benefits.  Check to see if there are any pawn shops in your community.


The possibility of making extra cash is extra incentive for people to clean their home.  If you do not want to do it, let MCC Services help.  We will clean your home and help you sort through the clutter.  It is a possible goldmine.


If you are interested in the U.S. News Report LP article, please look here.


*Image courtesy of Talia Felix


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