Making cash with your winter/spring cleaning

The economy is uncertain.  Is it anything but?  Everyone would like more money in their pockets.  Cleaning your house has more benefits than just a better atmosphere and mental health.  You may also be able to make some money out of it.   In a recent article, courtesy of U.S. News Report LP, Wise Bread […]

Prolong Your Mattress Life

Furniture stores will suggest that you replace your mattress every six to eight years. While their reasoning is valid, you might extend the life of your mattress by practicing proper maintenance and sanitation.   Realistically, you can keep your mattress for about ten to twelve years. As long as you’re not waking up tired or […]

A dirty home will break up your relationship

Did you know an unclean and unkempt house could break up a relationship?  It is true.  In the article “House-cleaning causes the most marital dust-ups as majority of couples admit they row over chores at least once a week”, the UK Daily Mail reports, “Nearly two-thirds admit they argue over chores at least once a […]

The dreaded spring cleaning

What is your plan for the dreaded “spring” cleaning? If you ask an acquaintance, they would probably tell you they plan to dust or clean out storage space. Spring-cleaning is a common tradition, in which almost everyone participates. When we learn certain traditions like this one, it causes us to associate the four seasons with […]

Waking up on December 26th and realizing your house is a mess

Hope you had a great Christmas!  Although numbers report that Americans have spent cautiously this Christmas season, they sure didn’t party cautiously.  Did you have people over?  Better yet, did you throw a big party?  There’s nothing quite like waking up on December 26th and surveying your apartment or house and realizing that it’s a […]

Start the New Year with a clean home

Happy holidays from My Carpet Cleaning Service!   Welcome to my blog.  My name’s Hratch “Rich” Gakavian and I run MCC Service.  I’ve been cleaning carpets and keeping Silver Spring MD fresh since 1992.  I pride myself in keeping your house clean and spiffy, making it look like a luxury 5-star hotel.  Tis the season […]