MCC Services Summer Cleaning Tips

It is a hot sunny day in July. You want to relax, because it’s summertime, but as you look around the living room, you notice dust on the bookshelf and windowsill. You know dust is everywhere, but most of the time, you can’t see it, so it’s easy to ignore. But on this hot sunny […]

Sustainable green cleaning, courtesy of My Carpet Cleaning Service

Although the world is green, not all of our hearts are green. Not yet, anyway. Some of us, however, do little things to help the environment. Whether it’s recycling or planting a tree, there is surge in everything green. Spring cleaning is no exception, as many are embracing green cleaning. Here is a bit of […]

Schedule out your spring cleaning

For many of us across the country, spring cleaning is here and some of us are in over our heads. We begrudgingly go along with the flow, because spring cleaning is what you do in the spring. However, there are many mistakes we make that add unnecessary stress to an already burdensome task.   When […]

Ensuring Green Cleaning is Effective

While green cleaning has become popular in recent years, it is important to make sure that the focus stays on the cleaning aspect of the job. If a cleaner uses environmentally friendly methods, but isn’t providing a sufficient clean, they really are not doing their job. One organization, The Cleaning Industry Research Institute (CIRI), is […]