A dirty home will break up your relationship

January 23rd, 2013 egreenfield

MCC Services - a dirty home will break up your relationshipDid you know an unclean and unkempt house could break up a relationship?  It is true.  In the article “House-cleaning causes the most marital dust-ups as majority of couples admit they row over chores at least once a week”, the UK Daily Mail reports, “Nearly two-thirds admit they argue over chores at least once a week.  And one in five people know a couple who regularly or have broken up over the issue.”


That is a very high number.  A dirty home may be the source of your unhealthy relationship.  The article’s information comes from a survey of more than 2000 couples, courtesy of online firm Just Eat.  It is not that surprising that a dirty home would have such negative effects on a couple.  Oftentimes uncleanliness is the last straw.  It is a physical manifestation of ill feeling and a constant reminder that something is wrong.  Once that negative ball gets rolling, it is hard to stop.  Momentum of any kind is strong.  What may start as a simple tiff about dirty dishes or vacuuming duties can snowball into insults about in-laws and dashed dreams.  Before you know it, you are at an existential impasse.


A dirty home causes unnecessary stress and ruins any atmosphere.  It is impossible to maintain positivity when you are drowning in clutter, dust, and dirt.    It ruins one’s self-image.  How can any relationship survive and thrive in such an environment?  The answer is simple: it can’t.


Cleanliness is possible.  Any dirty home is fixable.  MCC Services is here to help.  Don’t let dirt get in the way of a happy relationship and fulfilling life.


For more information on the survey, please look here.


*Image courtesy of Peter Griffin

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